Looking for a Chiropractor Bathurst? Here’s What to Expect at Bathurst Chiropractic

by | Feb, 2024

Key Takeaways


Explore Our Clinic

Experience our clinic walkthrough in our image gallery below. From the calming ambiance to the advanced chiropractic tables, every aspect of the clinic is thoughtfully tailored to foster comfort and promote effective healing for every patient.


Community-Centric Chiropractor Bathurst

Rooted deeply in the Bathurst community, Bathurst Chiropractic is more than a clinic—it’s a community hub with over 25 years of commitment to improving the health and wellness of every individual.


Traditional Charm Meets Modern Care

Bathurst Chiropractic stands out by merging the warmth of its heritage building with cutting-edge chiropractic treatments, ensuring a unique and comprehensive care experience.

Hi there, I’m Dr. Ben Purcell, and I proudly wear the hat of the founder here at Bathurst Chiropractic. If you’ve been looking for a chiropractor Bathurst in hopes of finding a local clinic that feels like home, let me tell you, your search ends right here at 251 Howick St, Bathurst NSW 2795.



The Charming Welcome of Bathurst Chiropractic

As you approach our clinic, the first thing you’ll notice is the charming red-brick facade that greets you—a harmonious blend of traditional architecture and a welcoming modern clinic. This is where the old-world charm meets new-age chiropractic care, right in the heart of Bathurst.



Not Your Ordinary Chiropractor Bathurst – A Sanctuary for Healing

Upon entering, you’re enveloped in the clinic’s calming aura. The high ceilings adorned with intricate plasterwork, the gentle daylight filtering through bay windows, and the subtle scent of essential oils all whisper a single message – relaxation. This is where your healing begins, in a space that respects the building’s history while embracing the future of holistic health care.


Waiting Area: A Community in Itself

Our waiting area isn’t just a place to sit; it’s a community space where stories are shared, and support is found. It’s an integral part of the patient experience, designed to make you feel like you’re part of something bigger – a community dedicated to health and well-being.


A Refreshing Pause

Our modern bathroom facilities reflect our commitment to excellence in all aspects of our service. Clean, contemporary, and designed with your comfort in mind, even the briefest of pauses in this space is intended to rejuvenate.


Our Treatment Rooms – The Beating Heart of Our Clinic

Stroll down our central hallway, and you’ll feel the pulse of Bathurst Chiropractic. This is where paths converge, where conversations about health and wellness are as common as the friendly ‘hellos’ that echo off the walls. It’s a thoroughfare that symbolises connection – between rooms, between people, and between us and the wider Bathurst community.


Where Comfort Meets Cutting-edge Care

Each treatment room is a cocoon designed for comfort and effective care. Whether you’re lying on one of our state-of-the-art chiropractic tables or engaging in a one-on-one consultation, the room is set up to ensure you feel at ease. Here, we blend the comfort of the old with the innovation of the new, all under the watchful eyes of Bathurst’s serene skies, as seen through our office windows.



Our Final Word: Your Local Bathurst Chiropractor

Each step through Bathurst Chiropractic is a step closer to health and balance. We pride ourselves on being your local chiropractor Bathurst – not just a title, but a responsibility we uphold with every adjustment, every consultation, and every recovery. Here, your health journey is respected and cherished, and we invite you to join the many Bathurst locals who call our clinic home.


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