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Our Chiropractic Services

Discover expert chiropractic care at Bathurst Chiropractic. We address various conditions, from neck and back pain to stress relief and more. Your well-being is our priority.

Experience holistic healing with our chiropractic services. We consider physical, chemical, and emotional factors to enhance your overall well-being. From posture improvement to stress reduction, we’ve got you covered.

Our paediatric chiropractic care is designed to support the health and development of your little ones. From babies to teenagers, we offer gentle and effective treatments for a brighter future.

At Bathurst Chiropractic, we’re a family-focused practice dedicated to the well-being of all ages. From babies to adults and the elderly, we provide specialised care tailored to your family’s needs.

Experience tailored chiropractic care for seniors. Our experts address age-related aches, joint stiffness, balance & mobility concerns to help you enjoy a more active, pain-free life.

Unlock your body’s potential with Kinesiology. This science-based technique helps identify and address imbalances, offering solutions for a more balanced and vibrant life.

Our 3-Step Process

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Step 1

Free Phone Assessment

Begin your healing journey with a free 10-minute phone assessment. We'll listen to your needs, explain our holistic chiropractic approach & discuss how we'll help you heal. If necessary, we'll connect you with the right health professional. Start your path to well-being today.

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Step 2

Your Healing Journey Starts

At your first appointment, we start your personalised healing journey:

  • We'll have a 45-minute discovery session to uncover the root causes of your issues.
  • Neurological assessments & nervous system tests ensure efficient communication between your brain and body.
  • Physical exams and in-house X-rays are available if needed.
  • If appropriate, you will receive an adjustment on your first visit to promote healing.

We track your progress at follow up appointments, discuss options & provide at-home exercises to treat root causes.

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Step 3

Embrace Wellness

After your appointments, you'll experience enhanced vitality, mental clarity, improved sleep, better communication and stress management, increased mobility & an overall sense of well-being and vitality. This transformation is the result of our holistic approach, freeing your body from encumbrances through vitalistic chiropractic care.

Let’s see if we are the right fit.

Choosing a healthcare provider is a significant decision. Your well-being is paramount, and we’re here to help.

Connect with us through a complimentary 10-minute phone assessment. Share your unique story and health goals, and we’ll explain our holistic approach. We believe in treating the root causes, empowering you with knowledge.

If we’re not the right fit, we’ll be transparent and help you find the best solution. Your well-being comes first.

Ready for holistic healing? Schedule your free assessment today.

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