Neck Pain

Neck Pain

We take it for granted that our neck will support our head, turn in any direction we choose and go on doing this without pain or restriction of movement – all day, every day. It is only when pain strikes and we find that anything we want to do hurts, we realise that something has gone wrong!

Neck pain is a very common condition that Bathurst Chiropractor, Ben Purcell treats on a daily basis. If neck pain is a problem for you, call the practice today for an initial assessment appointment on (02) 6331 1004.

What to Expect from Chiropractic Care for Neck Pain

Neck problems can affect the vertebrae (bones in the neck), the vertebral discs, muscles, ligaments and nerves. In addition to pain in the neck itself, other symptoms can include tingling, numbness or weakness and sometimes pain in the shoulders, arms or hands. Problems that begin in the neck can also be a contributor to headaches, muscle spasms affecting the shoulders and upper back and sometimes even ringing in the ears.

Although injury or trauma can be a cause, many people cannot pinpoint exactly what triggered the pain. It may be stress, anxiety, tension, or poor posture – particularly for office workers. It is also common among those who spend a lot of time using mobiles and tablets.

Dr. Purcell will begin with a detailed patient history and comprehensive, non-invasive neurological, postural and physical examinations designed to get to the root cause of your problem. Then he will advise on a treatment plan that will usually comprise safe, gentle and effective Chiropractic adjustments, postural rehabilitation and advice on exercises and workplace ergonomics that will help.

Dr Ben’s Top 4 Self Help Tips for Neck Pain Prevention

  • Choose a mattress that is firm enough to support your lower back and pelvis and a pillow that supports your head and neck. The combination of mattress and pillow should keep the spine in alignment as much as possible.
  • Learn some gentle stretching exercises for your neck and upper body. Slow, gentle exercises moving your neck from side to side and up and down will help to relieve tension in the neck. If you work at a desk, doing just a few of these exercises every half an hour or so will be very beneficial. Your care at Bathurst Chiropractic will include any necessary exercises.
  • If you are on the telephone a lot, use a headset. Never be tempted to cradle the phone between your shoulder and your ear as a ‘hands-free’ solution!
  • Take advice from us on your posture and the ergonomics of your workspace. Minor adjustments to the height of your chair or computer screen can make a huge difference. 

At Bathurst Chiropractic, the emphasis is on holistic treatment, putting everything back in balance so that the nervous system and body can work better together. We will work on reducing your neck pain, improving your range of motion, restoring your neck and back spinal function. Call us today on (02) 6331 1004 – we are here to help you.

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