Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain – Get Relief Now

Many patients visit Bathurst Chiropractor Ben Purcell with shoulder pain. For some people, the pain comes on gradually, beginning as a general ache in the shoulder.

For others there may be damage to the structures of the shoulder – the tendons, ligaments or bone – caused by an injury or accident. There is commonly restriction of joint mobility, tightness in the muscles, and numbness or tingling in the neck and/or shoulder as well.

Chiropractic neurorehabilitation is invaluable in treating many of the common causes of shoulder pain, as it combines Chiropractic with Neurology and physical rehabilitation.

Problems with the shoulder can make daily life extremely difficult, restricting movement, making even simple tasks impossible without pain. You may feel exhausted due to your shoulder pain disrupting sleep.

It is important that you seek care promptly if you have shoulder pain. Because the shoulder is supposed to be mobile and in motion, the sooner your rehabilitation begins, the sooner you can get back to normal activities. Call the practice today on (02) 6331 1004 to arrange your initial appointment.

Why is the Shoulder so Susceptible to Injury?

The shoulder is the joint in the body with the greatest range of movement. Because the shoulder complex involves the cervical spine, scapula, clavicle and the glenohumeral joint there are many things that can go wrong.

All these are important structures for shoulder movement. A problem in any of these areas can result in impingement of the joints and muscles, inflammation and pain. Due to the large range of motion, your shoulder relies heavily on the surrounding muscles to give it the support and function it needs.

Why is the Chiropractic Care at Bathurst Different?

Doctor of Chiropractic, Ben Purcell’s ethos is that physical problems are often secondary to dysfunction within the nervous system. One of the diagnostic tools he uses is a technology known as the Neuroinfiniti assessment. This analyses a number of parameters within the central nervous system, in particular those related to autonomic function.

Autonomic function refers to the unconscious control of systems within the body. When something goes wrong, (in the case of the shoulder joint, for example), spinal stability and muscle tone can be affected, and can cause the shoulder to rotate forward and certain flexor muscles to tighten up.

Chiropractic adjustments can loosen the shoulder up, but by addressing the underlying cause and using neurological therapies, we can help the movement of the shoulder to be better controlled and stabilised.

A detailed initial assessment appointment will help Ben to determine which of the three main areas of concern is causing your shoulder pain symptoms.

  • Biomechanical, caused by postural strain or problems with muscle and joint mechanics
  • Neurological, caused by inappropriate or ineffective neurological control of the structures (joints and muscles) in the shoulder region
  • Pathological, a labral or muscle tear – or even a fractured bone. If a pathological problem is the cause of your shoulder pain, you will receive a referral to the appropriate health care specialist for treatment if Chiropractic treatment is not indicated.

The focus of this holistic approach to your problem from your Bathurst Chiropractor is to help your body to heal naturally using safe, gentle adjustments. Taking prompt action and getting treatment as soon as possible after the onset of shoulder pain will speed your recovery so, call us on (02) 6331 1004 to make an appointment today!

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