Pregnancy Care

Chiropractic During Pregnancy: Safe and Natural.

Are you pregnant and experiencing back pain? Maybe your chiropractor has helped you in the past, but is it safe now that you are pregnant?

At Bathurst Chiropractic, that is something that we get asked a lot. We are experienced in providing gentle, effective chiropractic care for pregnant women, and can assure you that with the extra care we take, there is no reason why chiropractic couldn’t help you too.

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Back Pain In Pregnancy

Pregnancy is often associated with back pain due to the postural changes that occur when carrying the extra weight of a baby. This extra weight shifts the centre of gravity forward, causing the pelvis to tilt and the curve of the lower spine to become exaggerated (known as a lumbar lordosis)1. This places extra strain on the lumbar spinal joints (known as the facet joints) and the pelvic joints (known as the sacroiliac joints), as well as increasing tension through the surrounding ligaments and musculature2.

In order to compensate for the increased load through the lower spine, the rest of the spinal curves also increase, potentially causing mid back, upper back, shoulder and neck pain as well1. On top of these biomechanical changes, increased circulating hormones during pregnancy such as progesterone, oxytocin and oestrogen also result in pelvic hypermobility that further destabilises the spine1. Increased pressure on the bladder, urethra, rectum and other pelvic structures may also be causing you added pain and discomfort1.

84% of women who received chiropractic care during pregnancy reported relief from low back pain1. This has also been associated with a more comfortable labour, as women who experience low back pain are roughly three times more likely to experience ‘back labour’ (intense low back pain experienced during contractions)1. For those receiving regular chiropractic care, labour time was reduced by 25% for first time mothers, and by 31% for multiparous women1. Amongst another cohort, women who received chiropractic care whilst pregnant reduced the need for painkillers by half3.

It is also proposed that a misaligned pelvis may also limit the room available for the baby to develop, a condition known as intrauterine constraint2. Many practitioners feel this can limit the baby’s ability to get into the best position for delivery, causing complications such as breeching that may require a caesarean or other invasive intervention1. The American Pregnancy Association suggests that chiropractic is successful at balancing the pelvis and surrounding ligaments in preparation for labour, resulting in improved fetal positioning for a healthier, more natural delivery2.

In addition, at Bathurst Chiropractic we focus on your nervous system as part of your assessment. Your nervous system is the master system in the body, and during pregnancy is dealing with new situations. We use technology like our computerised “Stress Response Evaluation” that gives us an insight into how your nervous system is coping.

So there you have it. Provided that the necessary care is taken, there are no known adverse effects of chiropractic for pregnant women1. If anything, it may be argued that chiropractic care is of more importance during pregnancy due to the increased strain on the body!

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