Knee Pain

Effective Care for Knee Pain

Chronic or recurring knee pain may be something you simply put up with, or manage with over the counter or prescription painkillers. You may have have worries about the problem getting worse and perhaps about whether surgery is going to be necessary sometime in the future.

However more and more people are turning to Chiropractic. It can provide safe and effective care for many common causes of knee pain which affect your mobility and quality of life. Call Bathurst Chiropractic today on (02) 6331 1004 for an appointment.

Knee pain commonly affects mobility. As Bathurst Chiropractor, Dr Ben Purcell says, “Mobility is something that we take for granted – but the knee is a complex joint and in almost constant use during the normal activities of daily life.”

If you then add to this a physical job that involves lifting and carrying heavy weights, taking part in sports or just getting older it is no wonder that knee pain is so common.

The Common Causes of Knee Pain

  • Pain can begin in the knee itself. This could be either due to trauma, wear and tear or both, and can affect more than one area or structure of the knee.
  • Referred pain which can be from things like nerve compression in the lumbar spine or pelvis or a joint problem affecting the hip joint can affect the knee, ankle and foot.
  • There can be a biomechanical cause due to joint problems in the foot, ankle, hip or pelvis.
  • Differences in muscle tone or other neurological integration issues causing changes in pain processing or knee function.
  • An inflammatory process such as arthritis.
  • A tumour, infection or condition such as osteomyelitis can be the cause in very rare cases and Chiropractic care would not be of benefit. In the unlikely event that one of these factors could be causing your pain, a referral to an appropriate health care specialist would be made.

What to Expect from Chiropractic Care



At your initial consultation, a full patient history will help us to understand your symptoms, and build up a full picture of your health. For example, is there any activity that makes your pain better or worse? Did the problem begin suddenly, or worsen over time? Have you previously received any treatment for this problem?

A detailed physical examination looking at posture, gait and mobility of the knee joint and Neuroinfiniti evaluation follows. The Neuroinfiniti is a non-invasive technological tool comprising a short “Stress Response Evaluation” that helps Dr. Purcell to understand the effects any deficit in the function of the Central Nervous System (CNS) when making his diagnosis.

Many of the common causes of knee pain respond well to the holistic, Chiropractic care provided by Bathurst Chiropractic. Emergency care for the acute phase is designed to get you out of pain, restoring mobility and function to your knee joint as quickly as possible. This is followed by corrective care involving work that will help your body to heal itself and help to prevent a recurrence of the problem.

By getting to the cause of your knee pain problem, your Bathurst Chiropractor can provide safe and effective treatment without the use of medications. Call Bathurst Chiropractic today on (02) 6331 1004 for an appointment now.

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