Headache & Migraine Relief

Headache & Migraine Relief

Headache is a common problem and one we see often in the practice. Symptoms can include eye pain and sensitivity to light, feeling nauseous and even feeling that we cannot even ‘think straight’. When these symptoms strike on a regular basis, quality of life and our ability to get on with essential activities can be severely impaired.

Bathurst Chiropractor, Ben Purcell says that many patients come to him with worries about headaches. Although there are around 140 different types of headache, most fall into the categories:

  • Tension headaches
  • Cervicogenic (neck generated)
  • headaches
  • TMJ (jaw generated) headaches
  • Migraine headaches

All of these can normally be helped by Chiropractic care. If headache pain is a persistent problem for you, Chiropractic is effective, gentle and drug free. Call us today on (02) 6331 1004 to arrange your initial appointment.

The Most Common Headache Causes

Dysfunction of spinal vertebrae with any associated nerve interference (either compression or irritation) is a very common cause of head pain. Other causes can include:

  • Poor posture, forward head posture being particularly common in office workers and those who spend a lot of time on mobile devices (tablets and phones)
  • Tight muscles whether from a physical cause, or from stress
  • Certain foods can be triggers

Common Headache Types


These result either from the increased muscle tension cause by forward head posture or from misaligned vertebrae that cause inflammation, nerve irritation and muscle tightening or may also be triggered by stress.


This painful, recurrent headache can last from a few hours to a few days and may begin with pain on one side of the head. Severe pain is often worst around the temples. Nausea, vomiting and the aversion to light and sound are common symptoms also.  Chiropractic care may be effective in reducing the frequency and severity of attacks.


Similar in some respects to a migraine, Cluster headaches are among the most painful and debilitating. These are most common in adults in the 20-40 age group and attacks of excruciating pain in the face or head, most commonly around the eyes, nose and ears, are short in duration, from a few minutes to an hour, but are recurring (although there can be several months between attacks).


This type of headache originates in the neck area. Causes include irritation of the neck nerves and surrounding tissues, or dysfunction of the vertebrae in the neck. Pain often begins behind the eyeball on the affected side and it is worsened by moving the head or neck.


TMJ or Temporomandibular Joint dysfunction can give rise to tension-type headaches. An estimated 65% of patients with TMJ dysfunction with clicking of the jaw on opening or closing the mouth and other symptoms experience frequent head pain as a result.

How Can Chiropractic Help?

Chiropractic can help in most of the common causes of headache. By correcting any vertebral subluxation (dysfunction), using specific adjustments to correct biomechanical problems. The neck and shoulder muscles relax and nerve function is improved thus relieving pain.

Even if patients have suffered from chronic headaches it can often be helped by Chiropractic care.

In addition, the holistic care provided by Bathurst Chiropractic, may include:

  • Exercises for the neck and for whole body stretching
  • Dietary and nutritional supplementation advice when certain foods are identified as triggers

For those who experience an occasional pain, taking over the counter painkillers can work in the short term. But remember they are simply masking symptoms rather than correcting the underlying problems.

If you suffer from any of the headache types discussed here, your Bathurst Chiropractor can often help by correcting the underlying dysfunction and by restoring your body’s natural balance. Call us now on (02) 6331 1004 to arrange your appointment.

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